Egypt’s West Bakr Wind Farm Reaches 1 Million Man-Hours without Lost Time Incidents

22nd February 2021, Cairo – West Bakr Wind, Lekela's 252MW project in Egypt, celebrates a new milestone today, as it reaches 1 million hours of work with no Lost Time Incidents (LTIs), i.e., an incident that results in an employee missing work due to an injury. To commemorate this achievement, Lekela celebrated with its workers and subcontractors onsite with the distribution of certificates of appreciation to workers who have shown exemplary health & safety performance. The event was held in conjunction with current Covid-19 rules.

West Bakr wind farm reached one-million-man-hours worked with no LTIs spanning the course of 1 year since the beginning of the construction phase back in February 2020.

Faisal Eissa, General Manager, Egypt, Lekela said: "We are very proud of the whole team at West Bakr for reaching this milestone. This achievement wouldn't have been possible without SGRE’s Health & Safety practices and the training rigorously imposed by the Owner’s Engineer, our on-the-ground teams and the subcontractors; as well as the workers' discipline and commitment to working responsibly for their own safety. Given that this last year has been a very challenging one with COVID-19, Lekela and the teams at site have put in a lot of effort in managing this risk. We are very happy of the progress we have made".

Wind farm construction sites are complicated working environments in many ways, as wind turbines require heavy lifting and working at heights, which poses safety threats. Therefore,  specialized training was given to workers to ensure that the work was being carried out safely.

Skill, knowledge, and a strong safety culture are all critical components to Lekela's work environment. Continuous safety training and consistent reinforcement of the policies and procedures all help create a team that incorporates many disciplines and numerous contractors that understands and embraces the 'Health and Safety' culture.

Two months ago, Lekela announced the successful installation of the first turbine at its 252MW West Bakr Wind project in Egypt; and is confidently progressing towards the operation phase scheduled for the last quarter of 2021.

Reflecting on its corporate social responsibility and commitment to serve and support the local communities in which it operates, Lekela’s latest initiative in Ras Ghareb aims at training local women on sewing and embroidery. Twenty-five women were selected for the program, which aims to create new income sources for their families. This initiative was implemented in full coordination with the local stakeholders, including the Ras Ghareb City Council and the Al-Shuban El-Moslemeen NGO which supported in the selection of the 25 trainees and hosted the trainees in their premises.

Lekela is fully committed to promoting the well-being, safety and welfare of its employees and contractors,  it is likewise keen to create shared values within the communities in which it operates.