Explanatory statement from Lekela

This is in reference to the post published on al-Fanar Facebook group on the Ras Ghareb study which was conducted for Lekela in 2018 as a prerequisite to Lekela’s renewable energy project financing requirement.

We are sorry for any misunderstanding as a result of this study, which by all means does not express nor represent Lekela’s sentiment or perception of the people of Ras Ghareb. On the contrary, one of our key strategies when we started our project was to assess how we can contribute to supporting the livelihoods of the local community of Ras Ghareb. We have a dedicated “sustainability report”, which details our activities and is available on our website, including local community activities designed to support and improve the livelihood of the people of Ras Ghareb. These initiatives include on-the-ground job opportunities through our contractor, bird migration training, literacy education, sewing machines and training for local women, and lately the training of three young girls studying the engineering of wind-farm operation.

Once again, we would like to reassure everyone that we have a deep respect and appreciation for the community of Ras Ghareb, many of whom are already working with us on the wind farm project. The study has been removed and further investigations with the external company are being undertaken, and we look forward to continuing to add value to the people of Ras Ghareb and working hand-in-hand on this project and many more to come.