Supporting our communities during Covid-19

While the COVID-19 situation has continued to change over the past month, our priorities have remained the same: supporting the health and safety of all Lekela employees and ensuring the provision of power from our operational projects is not affected. We have also taken all recommended steps to ensure the highest possible standards of health and safety


In more normal times, our program of community investments to address education, enterprise and environmental needs would also have been active. However, in light of the pandemic and the needs it has generated, we have been assisting our local communities in their response to the coronavirus.


At West Bakr Wind, which is under construction, a government-led response has ensured that communities are well supported. All Lekela employees are working from home to ensure their health and safety is protected. Our focus continues to be ensuring the health and safety of construction workers on site.


We continue to monitor the situation closely across all our projects and are in continuous dialogue with our customers, utilities, governments and other stakeholders.