West Bakr Wind Farm

Lekela’s West Bakr Wind project will take advantage of a world class resource to produce 250MW of clean, reliable power at a highly competitive price. Situated in the Gulf of Suez, 30km north-west of Ras Ghareb, the project will provide power to the grid from 2021.

Generating over 1000GWh per year, its turbines will power more than 350,000 homes and increase wind energy capacity by 18%. This will be a crucial part of meeting the government’s renewable energy generation target of 20% by 2022.

The wind farm is designed to generate electricity for at least 20 years. As well as creating jobs during this time, a community investment plan will be deployed to help address socio-economic challenges in the local area. As the wind farm is in an important area for migrating birds, several schemes to protect this wildlife will be setup, including a shutdown on demand programme.

The project is one of several built by Lekela. Founded in 2015, it specialises in delivering utility-scale renewable energy to communities across Africa.

As well as Egypt, Lekela is building wind farms in Ghana, South Africa and Senegal. Each of these is built on the same principles – delivering clean power, while investing in the local community to improve education, enterprise and the environment.

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The wind farm will produce power for over 350,000 homes and is designed to generate electricity for at least 20 years.

Memorandum of understanding signed

Lekela signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC).

This marks a vital step in committing all parties to the idea of building a 250MW wind farm in the Gulf of Suez.